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Karen lives on the beautiful island of Cape Breton, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. 
Although she grew up in the small community of Scotch Lake, she has spent most of her life travelling extensively. From climbing 18,500 ft up Mt Everest to sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, she has been exposed to multiple cultures over her lifetime. This exposure shines though in her work; current, but timeless. 

Her love of jewellery began from the moment she realized what jewellery was. Anything with a sparkle and a shine caught her eye. Her mother told her that she would either have to marry rich or marry a jeweller in order to satisfy her desires, but she chose to become the jeweller instead. 

Self taught; she lives by the adage, “See one, Do one, Teach one” and rose from student to teacher in two years. She is one of the few jewellers that works using both metal and metal clay. 

She loves the process of creation, the attention to detail and the joy of seeing the final result.

Cape Breton Craft

Karen Wawer Handmade Elegance

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